How To Get Your Car Inspected In Qatar

How To Get Your Car Inspected In Qatar

If you’re vehicle is older than 3 years old, it is a legal requirement that you have it inspected to ensure it is road legal. This is equivalent to an MOT in the UK. It is crucial that you have completed the inspection prior to renewing your car registration (Click Here To Read Our Article On Renewing Your Registration/Istimara).

Where To Go For The Car Inspection:

Unfortunately, getting to where the car inspection is held is the most difficult part. The main testing center is located at Gate 1 on the 24th Street of the Industrial Area. Note that you have to go around the back of the building to enter – to a corner entrance marked “Gate 1”. The entrance is not on the main street.

Map – Although Not Identified on the map, this is the location.

 Car Inspection Qatar Location Map

Please Note: There are other mobile locations available for the Car Inspection. However, we have not currently validated using these so cannot confirm whether these are sufficient. However, according to the government website, they can be found here: Click Here To See Locations and Opening Hours

What You Need With You:

All you need to take with you is the original, or a copy of, your registration (Istimara). However, you may wish to take a copy of your insurance and driving license also.Car Inspected In Qatar

How To Have Your Car Inspected:

  1. As you enter through the gate. Stop by the security guard and inform him you are here to have your car inspected. He will give you a ticket number.
  2. Join the back of the line of cars waiting to be inspected (This should be to the left of the building but confirm with security guard on arrival).
  3. Part way along, you will pull up to a booth. Hand over your registration (Istimara) and the fee of Qrs. 75 as of the time of writing. He will process the information and give you back your documents in addition to a plastic sleeve with a copy of a receipt which says  “Inspectors Copy” at the top. Continue driving forward in the line.
  4. Once you arrive in the garage, pull up the car, put it into park and leave the engine running. Hand the inspector the plastic sleeve with the inspector copy receipt. Thereafter, you can go wait in the main building where there are refreshments available.
    Please Note: You are not allowed to stay and talk to the inspectors whilst the car is being inspected.
  5. Inside the waiting room, there is an electronic board which will show your ticket number when your inspection is complete and you can go and collect it from the counter. In total, the process of having your car inspection will be around 10-15 minutes.

What To Do If You Fail The Car Inspection

From time to time, your car may fail the inspection. This can be due to mechanical issues all the way through to minor scratches and will be identified on the report.

If you fail for something minor like a small scratch, you can drive to join a second line to the left of the building and have a second opinion from a Ministry officer who will decide whether he can sign off against it and pass you.

Should the damage be significant, you will be required to have a mechanic fix the issue and you will have the vehicle re-tested.

Please Note: If your car fails the inspection, you are given the opportunity to retest the vehicle for free within 30 days. However, inform the security guard on the gate of the re-test and they will direct you to a separate garage. Ensure that you have all of your documentation in addition to the original failed report with you.


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