How To Renew Your Car Registration (Istimara) In Qatar

How To Renew Your Car Registration (Istimara) In Qatar.

In Qatar, it is required by law that every car has to have a vehicle registration card known as an Istimara in Arabic.

Below is a step by step process in how to renew your Istimara.

Please Note: If your vehicle is older than 3 years old. Then you must have first had your annual inspection (similar to an MOT in other countries) and are required to have the paper with you to show that you have passed. 

1) Before you go, make sure that you have two copies of your car insurance. It is likely that the insurance will require renewal in and around the time of the renewal of the registration (istimara) therefore ensure it is up to date. Take two copies as one copy will be kept by the traffic Department.

Please Note: As a man, please do not wear shorts or vest tops as you will be turned away, for ladies, the same rules of covering your legs and shoulders apply.

2) Travel to the Madinat Khalifa Traffic Department builiding. Please see the map  and Images below.

Renew Car Registration In Qatar

3) Enter through the main entrance of the building (ignore the signs pointing elsewhere) and have your soon to be expired registration, your insurance copy and your car inspection paper (if required) to hand. As you enter the building, you will enter a large room with a large circular desk around 10 meters ahead of you. That is the reception. Go there and inform them that you are renewing your car registration. They will then give you a numbered ticket and directed to the license renewal counters which is situated at the rear and left of the building.

Please Note: If you are a woman, you may be directed to the ladies only section of the car registration renewal counters.

4) Once your number is called (shown on a digital screen) please make your way to the appropriate counter. Hand over your expiring registration, a copy of your insurance and the car inspection paper if necessary.

In order to process the renewal, there is a fee of 100Qrs, which is payable via debit/credit card.

Please Note: If you have any outstanding fines to pay for traffic violations, these will be added to the bill before renewal. You can check if you have any outstanding fines at: Check Traffic Fines

5) Once you’ve paid, they will then print out a new registration (Istimara) for you and the renewal is complete.

Opening Times For Traffic Department:

The traffic department opening hours are from 6am to 7pm. However, during the holy month of Ramadan and during Eid and National holidays, times will differ (likely to be open later in the evening after the sun has set during Ramadan).

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