What Do You Do If You Have A Small Car Crash In Qatar?

What do you do if you have a small car crash whilst you are here in Qatar?

Please note: This is in the case of small car accidents where there are no injuries, for larger accidents, where there is a possibility of human injury, please contact the emergency authorities immediately and identify to them your location and the extent of the issue and wait for instructions.

Firstly, in the case of a small accident, the vehicles of all involved parties should be moved to the nearest parking area in a safe area to avoid blocking the flow of traffic behind.car crash

If you fail to do this, you maybe fined QAR 1,000 and three points will be registered against your license, according to the Ministry of Interior.

Having said that, before moving the vehicles, it is recommended that you take a picture of the accident which can be used to show the police later in order to attribute blame. Please take care when taking the photo of any oncoming traffic. Following this, you must immediately move it to the nearest emergency parking spot.

Watch this recently released video from Ministry of Interior.

Once you have moved the vehicle, take down the other drivers phone number, name and Qatar ID number if possible.

Please Note: Legally, in order to have a car dent fixed at a garage, you have to provide a police report. 

If it’s a small minor accident, and you can still drive the car safely, you don’t have to ring the police to have them visit you (and endure the wait). Instead, you can do the following:

1) If you have a friend that can speak Arabic and is happy to come with you to the traffic police station, then ask them to help you. This will make the process easier for you but is not crucial.

2) Arrange with the other driver to meet at a traffic police station. There are a number of Traffic Police Stations in Doha (View this site to help), you should meet at the one closest to the site of the accident. Ensuring you have the following:

  • Your Arabic-speaking friend (If Possible)
  • Your car so the officer can see the damage
  • The photos of the accident to show what happened
  • Your Qatar Driver’s license (Or your international driving license)
  • Your Qatar ID
  • The Vehicle Registration (Estimara)
  • A copy of your car insurance

3) Explain to the officer in Arabic (if possible) what happened and show him the pictures you took earlier. They will likely then inspect the cars. If the other driver speaks Arabic and you do not then you will have a difficult time understanding what is going on, this is why it is recommended you have an Arabic speaking friend with you to assist.

4) The officer will then write a report explaining what happened and which driver is at fault. The report will be written entirely in Arabic, therefore you will require your Arabic-speaking friend to review it to see that it is accurate. Both you and the other driver will then be given a copy.

Note: It may be useful to photocopy the report in case you lose it.

5) If you are not at fault, then you will need to find out from the other driver which insurance company the car is insured with. You will probably need to go to their offices but you can call your own insurance company to see they are willing to file the claim instead.

Fixing The Vehicle:

The first step is to call your car dealership to see if they have any recommended garages for fixing the vehicle for the best quality and experience. You can then call the insurance company to see who are likely to tell you which garage you can take the car to. Remember, it is in the insurance companies interest to keep the cost of fixing the vehicle low, therefore, be prepared to debate the garage to be used.

The insurance company will then give you a piece of paper to give to the garage so that you will not have to pay for the repairs.

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